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Angel Card Reading


Angel cards are simple method of connecting and communication with your Angels, Angel card reading is to help and guide you to enlighten, and empowering and uplifting you on your path, Sometimes you may just want to ask for confirmation on a question or put you on a new path, You may have a question that needs to be answered and your angels will help you, also, let you know which angel you should be working with, Love , Career, where you stand now, how to move on or forwards, When doing any readings, I will connect with my Guides, Angels and Spirits, I can only give what is given to me, I may not understand it , but you will or it will be a message for you down the road, When doing email readings it takes much longer then doing personal readings, after connection with angels then typing it out, if you have any questions please due ask, Thank you for looking and Blessings, any reading being prepare takes at least 3 hours to prepare no reading is alike .

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