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Spiritual Reading


Spiritual readings can be for now in the present or in the future somewhere down the road, guides let us know what you need to know, and sometimes you made be disapointed if they dont tell me what you want to hear, Things are meant to be or want is shown or said, so please never discard what has been written, it may make sense down the road, I never know what will come or what i will see or hear or smell. if you have any question please email before buying, Readings will be emailed to you, All readings will be done with in 2 to 4 days some early if i have many readings , i will email to let you know if a reading will be delayed, With any email readings I do they take much longer then coming for a personal reading. Readings are not done by the books or copied, The time frame for email readings to work with spirits and then type them out can take up to two to three hours, Spiritual readings are very good to have if anyone is stuck in life and they will help your move forwards , I work with my Guide Zachary who has been with me since the age of 10 and that is a long time .

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